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Paris Edition: Favorite Dog-Friendly Spots

Nikki Star |

Ahh, Paris: the city of lights. Or in my case, the city of the French bulldog!

I recently had a long stay in Paris with my two French bulldogs, Weston and Fira, and we were able to do a lot of exploring. This was Weston’s first time to Paris but Fira already made the trip with me last year so this was her second stamp in her pet passport!

We were able to stay six weeks so we got to live like a local and learn the neighborhoods, grab a fresh baguette every morning (waking up to that smell everyday was unforgettable!), and take long daily strolls.

But first and foremost, we were total tourists and took in all the sights Paris has to offer.


Now, is Paris a dog-friendly city?


That depends. The French have a very laissez-faire attitude about almost everything, including dogs. It was the first time in a city that the pups didn’t get their usual attention when we were out for walks. No one asked to pet them, no one asked for photos and there was hardly an “aww.”

Because of this, some restaurants actually don’t mind if you bring your dog inside. You just need to ask first, of course, but they would rather you come in with your dog than lose a customer.

Dogs are allowed on the metro in Paris (on a leash is fine!), so it was extremely easy to get around and no one minded the pups.


By the way, a helpful phrase to know in France:

“J’ai un chien (I have a dog)!”

Eiffel Tower

You can’t leave Paris without a photo in front of the Eiffel Tower! The best spot to get an amazing view is the Trocadero. There’s a line on the metro that even drops you off in front of it. This area has some steps so it allows for an amazing backdrop of the iconic statue. Look for the grassy area and hang out with some wine and nibbles for a little picnic in front of the Eiffel Tower.


In front of the Louvre is such a gorgeous place to walk around. It’s spacious, wide and just beautiful. Across the way you’ll find the…

Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel

It’s the smallest version of the three arches but just as grand!




Tuileries Garden

Keep walking and you’ll find the massive Tuileries Gardens. The pups loved running around! Look for the little carts for a sugar waffle (around 5 euros). It was the perfect snack (for humans!) as we enjoyed the park.

Tip: The whole area is not dog-friendly, but ask around and you’ll find the designated areas.


If you’re looking for an authentic Paris, Montmartre is that neighborhood. Old cobble-stoned roads, historic hills and a ton of steps (might have to pick up your tired pup for some of the stairs!) that lead you to the Sacre-Coeur Basilica. Here you will also get one of the most expansive views of Paris.

We can’t wait to come back to Paris and stay even longer! It was hard to say “au revoir” but we have so many memories and a ton of photos ready to be framed. You can read even more of my fave Paris dog-friendly spots here!


Au revoir for now!



About the author: Nikki Star is the founder of Where’s The Frenchie, a curated website of chic, design-conscious hotels and travel guides for the modern dog parent seeking getaways and inspired destinations. 

Find her on Instagram: @nikcanvas & @wtfrenchie


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