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How to: Valentine Pup Kisses

Tori Mistick |

We know that your dog looks cute in just about every picture, but teaching them some cute, photogenic tricks can take your photos to the next level and impress all your friends! In anticipation of Valentine’s Day, we thought it would be fun to teach your dog how to kiss you on the cheek.


“Puppy kisses are the best, and we hope you

get showered with them on Valentine’s Day!”


This is a fairly easy trick to learn, and there are a few hacks you can use to make it even easier to get that perfect photo! This trick might be a little easier for food motivated dogs, but with enough dedication any dog should be able to figure it out. Follow the steps below, and if you dare, try the advanced steps at the end!

Train Your Dog to Kiss You On The Cheek

First of all, see if your dog is inclined to give you kisses without even asking. Lean down and see if they give you a lick. If so, you can start to reinforce the action by saying the same word every time they do it. I like to choose something cute like “kisses” or “smooch”.

If your dog isn’t automatically givin’ you some sugar, you can try pointing to your cheek and when they touch it with their nose or tongue reinforce it with your command (“kisses” or “smooch”).  Repeat this step for five minutes a day for a few days and your pup will get the hang of it!

If all else fails, grab the peanut butter! Place a little dab on your cheek and when your dog starts licking, reinforce the action with your command and give them lots of praise. This approach is best for taking photos rather than in front of a crowd. In the photo nobody will be able to tell you used peanut butter!



Advanced Steps

Once you master this trick and capture some adorable photos, you can take it to the next level. Try teaching your dog to do a double kiss like the Parisians do. Turn your head side to side as you say “kisses” and encourage your dog to kiss both sides.

For medium and large dogs, you can also teach them how to give hugs and kisses. Once you have kisses figured out, move on to the hug part. Start by kneeling or sitting on a chair and encouraging your dog to place their front paws on your knees. Perfect that, then encourage them to place their front paws on your shoulders, basically giving you a hug! String it all together and you’ll get the best hugs and kisses ever!

Certified professional dog trainer, Brett Reynolds of The Dog Stop, recommends that you only reward kisses when your dog is cued to do the trick. Some people don’t want to be kissed by dogs, so it’s wise to only have them do it on command.



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About the author: Tori Mistick is the stylish dog mom behind the award-winning blog Wear Wag Repeat. She loves to document dog friendly adventures with her Chocolate Labrador, Lucy!

Find Tori and Lucy on Instagram: @tmistick

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