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Traveling with Your Dogs!

Nikki Star |

Last year, I took an epic road trip with Weston halfway across the country to pick up our new addition Fira! I’ve always loved traveling on the road—the open roads, the freedom it brings and pretty much making your own schedule. You don’t need to deal with airport lines, time restraints and restricted scheduling.

We set out from California to Missouri and we made sure to stop in hotels along the way so that we were both well-rested and enjoying our journey.

There were so many amazing cities along the way so how could we not stop? Palm Springs, Tucson, Santa Fe, Marfa TX… we drove almost 3,000 miles in total!

This was the first time I did a long road trip with Weston so there were a few things I definitely kept in mind.



Booking hotels

When you’re searching for dog-friendly hotels, make sure to check if they charge a one-time pet fee or per day. It can really add up if you’re staying multiple nights so it’s always great to stay in hotels that have only one charge for the entire stay.


Lots of toys

Your pup will need something to chew on during those long rides! These adorable interactive toys will keep them from getting antsy.




And lots of breaks

Plan 20-minute walks for every 4 hours of driving so you can both stretch, potty and take some photos for Instagram! Fill up a travel water bowl for hydration.



Renting a car

If you’re renting a car, most are pet friendly, but be sure to return it without dog hair. Cover the seats with a blanket and clean/vacuum when you return it to avoid any extra fees.




Create your own doggie first-aid kit

It’s great for humans too. Gauze pads and rolls, antiseptic wipes, cotton balls/swabs, hydrogen peroxide, disposable gloves, scissors and tweezers. Throw it all in this handy Adventure backpack!

Copy of vaccinations

Always a good idea to have on hand in case hotels/campsites need to see it or if your pup ends up needing emergency care on the road.


Enjoy the ride

Open the windows all the way down, wave to the truck drivers (they gladly wave back!), blast the music and take in the scenery. I made so many memories with Weston and it honestly is the best way to travel with your furry ones!



About the author: Nikki Star is the founder of Where’s The Frenchie, a curated website of chic, design-conscious hotels and travel guides for the modern dog parent seeking getaways and inspired destinations. 

Find her on Instagram: @nikcanvas & @wtfrenchie


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