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5 Favorite Murals in L.A.

Tracy Kumono |

One has simply to stroll through the streets of L.A. to happen upon creative and inspiring artwork! Most of us experience L.A. from a car, so it’s a lovely change of pace to explore the city on foot with your four-legged friend. Chelsea the Terrier and her sister Emma like to explore and experience L.A. by venturing through different neighborhoods and looking for interesting urban street art.

They love finding interesting street murals and posing in front of colorful, Instagram-worthy walls. Chelsea and Emma recommend taking a stroll in the Downtown Arts District or along Abbott Kinney Street in Venice for the best variety of murals. Here are a few street murals that have caught their fancy:


1. ‘kiss’  by WRDSMTH

Arts District One Sante Fe, L.A..

The ‘kiss’ mural marked the month-long celebration #HEARTSDISTRICT at One Santa Fe in February 2017, a celebration which brought the community together over the course of several events. In the artist’s words: “Inviduals come in and out of our lives for so many reasons, and if you are so lucky as to fall down that slippery slope of love with someone who resides in your world, I say show them — any way you can and as often as possible.”

“Come by the piece and kiss the one you love. Do it. I implore you.”


2. Mural by DABSMYLA

Australian pop art and illustration artists, DABSMYLA, have brought walls to life nationally and internationally with their vibrant murals. Their masterpiece on the walls of Pampa Furniture adds a colorful and whimsical panorama to the Los Angeles cityscape.




“The colors got brighter [when we moved from Australia to Los Angeles] and

we started using combinations that we hadn’t used before that were based on

this city and the vibe of Southern California.” – Myla

3. Micheltorena Stairs by Corrine Carrey

Sunset Blvd., Silverlake.

One of the Silver Lake Stair Streets community treasures, the photogenic Micheltorena Stairs are painted with vibrant colors and hearts by L.A. artist Corinne Carrey. Though not technically a wall mural, this colorful staircase mural is a popular exercise spot and photo-op.


“Maybe you are exercising or maybe you just happen upon them, but the paint is there to brighten your day as you climb.” – Corrine Carrey




4. Love Mural by James Goldcrown

Cafe Gratitude, Arts District L.A..

The #bleedingheart “Love Murals” created by New York based artist James Goldcrown can be seen all around Los Angeles. This particular mural is in front of Cafe Gratitude in the Arts District.


5. Bear Witness by Greg Mike


Atlanta-based artist, Greg Mike, is known for his large scale murals which incorporate “vivid explosions of incandescent color filtered through a Surrealist Pop Art perspective.” His exhibitions, installations, and murals span the United States and invite passerby to reconsider and appreciate public spaces.





Green Leaf Gourmet Chop Shop, Venice.

About the author: Chelsea and Emma’s furmom, Tracy, is an L.A. based event and portrait photographer. When she isn’t adventuring with her pups, she volunteers at spcaLA where she takes photos of shelter dogs to help promote pet adoption. 

Find her on Instagram: @chelseatheterrier

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