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Spring Cleaning Tips for Dog Owners

Serena Faber Nelson |

We all love our doggos, but their paw prints, dog hair, and general mess? Not so much!

With this easy to follow spring cleaning guide, you’ll get your pup’s stuff organized, and your home sparkling clean in just two hours, giving you much more time to devote to the important stuff…like looking up dog memes on Facebook.

Grab your stopwatch…let’s get started!

Say Bye-Bye to Dog Hair – 40 Minutes

Possibly the biggest spring cleaning task is getting control of dog hair. While most of us would prefer to eat our own hair rather than clean up dog hair, it actually can be handled with a few secret steps.

The first step is the hardest – a thorough vacuum of your whole home. Get all those nozzles out that you never use and vacuum everywhere – under beds, in between couch cushions, on high windowsills, everywhere! Pay attention to skirting boards, corners and anywhere hair can collect easily. Follow up with a mop and wipe down of any hard surfaces.

For any surfaces you can’t vacuum, grab yourself a lint roller – it’ll soon get every last surviving dog hair. Don’t have a lint roller? A pair of rubber washing up gloves work just as well. Simply use the dry gloves by wiping them on any fabric surface and the hair will peel away.

Don’t forget to pop your dog’s bed in the washing machine for a thorough wash followed by drying the direct sunlight (if possible). That way both of you get to enjoy that fresh, clean feeling (although let’s be honest, you’re going to appreciate it WAY more than your pup!)


Future Tips:

    • Daily brushing of your pup is the best way to keep pet hair under control. For thick-coated dogs consider a slicker brush or the Dyson groom tool to really keep things under wraps.
    • Multiple lint rollers kept in your car and office also will prove lifesavers for any future dog hair emergencies you find yourself in.
    • A stylish throw on your sofa does double duty: it looks good but also protects your lounge from dog hair.

Tackle the Toy Box – 30 Minutes

There’s no better time than spring to give your dog’s toys a good clean out. Gather all the toys together and give them a thorough once over. While you don’t have to get completely Marie Kondo on us and ask every toy if it ‘sparks joy’, do consider how much your dog enjoys each toy they have.


“Because if your dog doesn’t play with it, why not donate

it to a shelter where it will be loved by a dog in need?”


Make four piles of: toys to KEEP, toys to REPAIR, toys to DONATE (ones that your pup doesn’t play with but are in good condition) and broken toys to DISCARD. Lastly, make a list of any toys you would love to add to your dog’s toy collection. That way you know exactly what they have and toys you want to buy in the future – so when a sale comes up you can jump on it straight away.

Give all toys a thorough clean (either hand wipe or in the washing machine) and you’re good to play!

Future Tips:

  • To stop your dog’s toys taking over your living room, invest in one small toy box that suits your living space and a larger one that lives in your laundry or linen cupboard.
  • Place all toys in the larger storage container and each week grab a handful of toys to be played with and live in your living room toy box.
  • Then at the end of each week place those toys back and grab some new ones – this way your dog’s toys get rotated and your dog never gets bored. Plus you get a tidy living space. Win-win!


Fantastic Food –20 Minutes

Next up, gather your dog’s food storage containers, including treat jars and measuring cups. Give them all a thorough hand wash with hot soapy water. Use this time to check all seals are still airtight and labels are up to date.

Before you return all the snacks and goodies to their containers, go through your dog’s food. Discard any out of date food or treats that have been stored incorrectly and start afresh!

Future Tips:

  • Use washi tape to label any storage containers with the expiry date of any pet food or treats. That way you can always know at a glance how fresh your dog’s food is.


Puppy Paperwork – 30 Minutes

After all that cleaning, this part allows you to finally sit down. Yaaasssss!

To get your pup’s paperwork up to date, simply grab your diary and dog’s records. Go through your dog’s paperwork and ensure registration, vaccinations and vet checks are all up to date. Don’t forget worming, flea treatments, grooming appointments and any medications your pup may be taking.


“For anything outstanding, call and make the

appointment then and there – and pop it in your diary.”


With everything in the diary, you’ll never miss a thing! (Our favorite is actually The Dog Diary by Nooshel, which has handy stickers for all your doggo appointments.)

Future Tips:

  • Print out your very own ‘My Dog is Home Alone’ card and pop it in your wallet. This business-sized card will advise emergency personnel that if anything happens to you, someone needs to look after your dog. A small bit of paper that gives big peace of mind.
  • Use this time to also check your dog’s ID Tag. Make sure it’s up to date with the relevant details, so if your precious pup ever goes missing, s/he can be found in a heartbeat.

And you’re done!

How did you do? Did you get it all in under the two hours? Well done! I think you’ve earned yourself some Netflix time cuddled up with your favorite doggo.

About the author: Serena Faber Nelson is a writer, television producer and dog lover. She is the creator of Pretty Fluffy, a blog where dedicated dog owners can find stylish products, modern advice, and inspiration for living with their pets. 

Find her on Instagram: @pretty_fluffy

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