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Is There Such Thing As An Indestructible Toy?

Jennifer Cao |

Is there such a thing as a truly “indestructible” dog toy? A toy that will stand up to years of wear and tear and hundreds of cheerful chewing sessions? A toy that can withstand those dogs that are eager to take their aggression out, bury and then dig up toys, nibble with their little sharp teeth until they rip it into shreds, or win every tug-of-war session because they’re just that darn competitive about it?

Spoiler alert in case you might not read this entire blog post:


No. There is definitely no such thing as an indestructible toy.


No matter how “chew-proof” a toy is labeled, no toy is truly indestructible forever. Lots of toys are “virtually indestructible” or “stand up to tough play,” but claiming complete indestructibility in the dog toy industry could require something like hiring a squad of the most eager, happy-to-chew puppies to do gnawing tests on all the toys over an extended period of time, with lots of breaks because puppies get distracted. But we think that the puppies of the world have better things to do AND we know that all it takes is one determined puppy to turn an “indestructible” toy into a shredded pile of cloth and stuffing. So no, indestructibility is not realistic.


“Durable and long-lasting toys are our goals when we’re designing, but so are interesting, engaging, fun toys that your pup will love – it’s all a balance!”


If you want to learn more about varying lifespans of different types of toys, please read on…

There are certainly toy types and materials that are longer-lasting than others. Here’s our breakdown of durable and less durable toys and the importance of material types and quality:

1. Rubber

Materials like solid rubber generally withstand chewing better than cloth materials, which is why rubber toys tend to be very durable. Rubber toys however, like all other toys, can be eventually worn out due to weather or natural deterioration. The size of the toy also plays a role in this. Smaller toys in most cases are easier for dogs to get their teeth around and chew through than larger ones.

Our brand new ZippyTuff line is our first set of toys made from a flexible and durable TPR (thermoplastic rubbers) material. With our ZippyTuff line, we’re taking “long-lasting” one step further and bringing you and your pups a new kind of fun! We’ve been designing and perfecting this line for the past couple months and we’re so excited to let you know that you can now shop our ZippyTuff toys here!


2. Firehose

Firehose is another very sturdy material that has gained popularity in the dog toy industry. Firehose is multilayered and built to withstand serious wear and tear for its work in the fire service industry. That durability extends into its life as a great material for dog toys, such as our Firehose Blasters. It’s important to note though that while the material can take heavy chewing, the seams of any toy are prime spots for dogs to sink their teeth in and start to pull the toy apart.



3. Z-Stitch Webbing

Our Z-Stitch webbing method allows us to create plush toys with stronger, sturdier seams, so our Z-Stitch Grunterz generally have longer lifespans than other cloth toys. We pair our Z-Stitch technology with multiple layers of fabric and reinforcing sheets of mesh below a durable lining fabric in order to create a cute AND sturdy toy for your dog to enjoy. Layering strong materials serves to further increase a toy’s lifespan, as does the use of sturdy stitching.



4. Rope

Rope toys also tend to be more durable than plush or stuffed toys, because rope is not as easy for a dog to pull apart as fabric or seams can be. (There’s a reason why we use super-strong mountain climbing rope for our Climbers Rope Leashes and our Rope Gliderz and Monkey RopeTugz.)

5. No-Stuffing Toys

Of special consideration are no-stuffing toys. We created no-stuffing toys like our popular Donutz because some dogs have a tendency to chew into toys to get at the stuffing inside. These toys are meant to fully engage and interest your dog without feeding into their desire to pull out stuffing. And depending on your dog’s play preferences, these types of toys could last longer than other toys that do have stuffing.




We don’t claim that our toys are indestructible, because we’re realistic about the lifespan of even the most durable and toughest toys and materials. We focus on selecting and using the highest quality material possible, utilizing our strong and unique Z-Stitch webbing, and multilayering cross-stitched fabrics for durability. Toys like our Z-Stitch Grunterz are designed to withstand some serious rough-housing and fun play times, but we won’t promise that they’ll last forever because they simply won’t.


In conclusion, there is no such thing as an indestructible dog toy.


Some toys are more durable than others and that primarily has to do with the sturdiness and quality of the materials used, the design of the toy, and just how determined your dog is to chew! Buying a dog toy is not a forever investment into an object that will finally stump those dogs who love to chew chew chew, it’s an investment into a toy that will engage and stimulate your dog for however long it lasts. If that means that the product will take a bit of a beating, then it still served its purpose! However, as a manufacturer, we understand that dog parents want the best bang for their buck, so we always aim to design toys that are the perfect balance of durability, fun, and affordability!



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