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Spring Travel Tips

Natasha from ZippyPaws |

Hey, everyone! Natasha here! I’m the social media coordinator at ZippyPaws and today, I will be sharing some of my favorite Spring travel tips for you and your dog. Spring is right around the corner and that calls for some adventures on the road! I love going on road trips with my dogs – they always make our trips so much more special and fun! Plus, taking them along my journeys is a way of sharing my passion and adventures with them.

Now that we’re approaching the Spring season, it’s time to plan out your next travel adventures with your dog!

I’ve rounded up some of my essential spring travel tips, so you can have a memorable and fun road trip experience with your little one!

Plan Your Trip Itinerary Beforehand

Road tripping with your dog is always exciting, but sometimes it can be a nightmare when you’re not fully prepared. It’s important for you to plan out your vacation itinerary beforehand so you can make the most out of your trip. I like to jot down the list of places that I want to visit during my trip and plan out the routes that I should take by looking at their locations and distances from one another.

Don’t forget to always make sure and double check that every location you plan on visiting allows dogs to be in the area!

It’s also wise to make a time schedule so you can allocate your time more effectively! And if you’re spending some nights over, don’t forget to book dog-friendly vacation rentals or hotels to ensure that your buddy has a place to sleep during the night. My go-to app for planning my dog travel itinerary is BringFido! BringFido is a dog travel directory that allows you to browse pet-friendly vacation rentals and restaurants based on the area and gives you amazing tips and information for traveling with your dog. It’s definitely worth checking!


Take Multiple Health Precautions

Make sure that your dog’s vaccination is up to date

Before hitting the road, you should also make sure that your dog’s vaccination is up to date. Going to a new place exposes your dog to new environment, animals, and possibly, infections as well. Keeping your dog’s vaccinations in check will protect them from contracting potentially deadly diseases and avoid all unnecessary problems.

Invest in bug and flea preventions

With the warm weather quickly approaching, it would also be beneficial to start investing in bugs and flea protections for your dog, especially when your trip involves going to parks or any areas with a lot of trees. Let’s avoid having your dog bring some unwanted guests back home!

Get Your Adventure Gears Ready!

Now that you have your road trip itinerary planned out and your dog’s vaccination in check, it’s time to get your adventure gears ready!

ZippyPaws carry various adventure and travel gears which are perfect for any kind of adventures!

Let’s take a look at my favorites:

  • Car Hammock: Car Hammock keeps your dog safe and your car’s back seat clean. It’s also lightweight, extremely durable and waterproof.
  • Car Seat Barrier: If you have more passengers in your car, the Car Seat Barrier would be a better option as it allows room for people to seat at the back seat. I personally love the Car Seat Barrier because it ensures my dogs’ safety and also helps prevent distracted driving!


  • Collapsible Bowls and Treat Bags: Collapsible Bowls and Treat Bags make feeding your dog along the road easy and mess-free. They are extremely useful, especially for long trips, and their waterproof inner lining make them great as both food and water bowls.
  • Life Jacket: If you’re going on a water adventure with your dog, the Life Jacket will help keep them afloat and safe. Their reflective stripes are made for extra visibility and they come with padded handles for easy assistance.
  • Cooling Vest: Cooling Vest is necessary if you’re going to someplace hot. Its long-lasting cooling polymer crystals absorb water and slowly evaporate to keep dogs cool for hours.
  • Adventure Backpack: The Adventure Backpack allows room to store food, water and other travel essentials. Plus, it’s cool!
  • Climber’s Rope Leash: The Climber’s Rope Leashes are crafted from the same durable rope that mountaineers depend on, so they’re perfect for active dogs. These leashes are also more comfortable on the hands than regular rope leashes, and they feature heavy duty snap hook – making them great for travels and adventures.


Don’t Forget Their Toys or Blankets!

Many people tend to forget these when they’re traveling with their pups because they want to carry as little as possible. However, dogs are creatures of habit, so having familiar toys, blankets or beds with them during the trip can help provide a sense of security for them and reduce their stress and anxiety, especially when going to a completely different environment. Having toys around will also keep them busy and occupied while you drive, minimizing distractions so you can have a safe and smooth journey.

Some Tips While on the Road…

Last but not least, make sure to take multiple stops and potty breaks during the trip, and always keep your dog attended at all times. Now that the weather is so much warmer, you should never ever leave your dog unattended and/or unventilated in a closed vehicle. The American Kennel Club also suggests that in order to avoid car sickness, you should let your dog travel on an empty stomach, but make sure that they have plenty of water at all times.

I hope these travel tips can be useful for planning your next trip!

Don’t forget to tag us in your adventure photos on Instagram for a chance to get featured on our page. Have fun and safe travels!



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