Meet the ZippyPaws team!

Zippy Paws Benny Cao
Benny Cao Chief Sourcing Guru aka Co-Founder & President
Color Yellow
Food Fish
Hobby Reading
Animal (other than dog) Fish
Zippy Paws Jen Cao
Jen Cao Chief Puppy Hugger aka Co-Founder & VP
Color ZippyPaws teal
Food Ramen
Hobby Photography
Animal (other than dog) Koala
Zippy Paws Brian Greenleaf
Brian Greenleaf Chief Hammock Tester aka Operations Manager
Color Black
Food Steak
Hobby Frisbee golf
Animal (other than dog) Llama
Zippy Paws Justin Miccuci
Justin Miccuci Chief of Deadpan Humor aka National Sales Manager
Color Orange
Food Pizza
Hobby Watching movies
Animal (other than dog) Lion
Zippy Paws Mark Watkins
Mark Watkins Chief Researcher of Trivialities aka Regional Sales Manager
Color Dodger blue
Food Thai
Hobby Baseball
Animal (other than dog) Black panther
Zippy Paws Amanda Chandra
Amanda Chandra Chief “Friends” Quoter aka Marketing Coordinator
Color Pink
Food Pizza and donuts
Hobby Visiting Disneyland
Animal (other than dog) Wolf
Zippy Paws Jennifer Castillo
Jennifer Castillo Chief People Whisperer aka Customer Service
Color Purple
Food Sushi
Hobby Window Shopping
Animal (other than dog) Chinchilla
Zippy Paws Robert Gallegos
Robert Gallegos Chief Baseball Fan aka Warehouse Manager
Color Black & Red
Food Wife's cooking
Hobby Baseball
Animal (other than dog) Gorilla
Zippy Paws Gabe Valadez
Gabe Valadez Chief Car Expert aka Warehouse Operator
Color Teal
Food Pizza
Hobby Working on cars / gaming
Animal (other than dog) Narwhal
Zippy Paws Perla Valenzuela
Perla Valenzuela Chief Warehouse DJ aka Warehouse Operator
Color Burgundy
Food Meat
Hobby Eating
Animal (other than dog) Chinchilla
Zippy Paws Dude
Dude Chief Cookie Monster
Human Brian
Breed Basenji & Terrier mix
Food Cookies
Hobby Playing fetch
Zippy Paws Yolo
Yolo Chief Instigator
Human Justin
Breed Yorkie
Food Ice cubes
Hobby Snuggling with Mom
Zippy Paws Jake
Jake Chief Wise-Guy
Human Mark
Breed Mini Schnauzer
Food Alligator jerky
Hobby Demanding attention
Zippy Paws Cali
Cali Chief Toy Thief
Human Amanda
Breed Mini Pinscher
Food Meat
Hobby Snuggle with Mom
Zippy Paws Rosie
Rosie Chief of Hyperactivity
Human Perla
Breed Shepherd Mix
Food Squirrels
Hobby Forgetting how to dog
Zippy Paws Bella
Bella Chief Drooler
Human Jennifer
Breed St. Bernard
Food Pig ears
Hobby Digging holes in the yard

Crossed the Rainbow Bridge

Zippy Paws JJ
JJ Chief Security Officer
Human Jen
Breed Golden Retriever
Food Meat
Hobby Getting Scratches
Zippy Paws Phoebe
Phoebe Chief Lowrider
Human Justin
Breed Dachshund
Food Anything you’re having
Hobby Snoring