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Introducing the ZippyPaws Subscription Box!

Jennifer Cao |

We created our very own Subscription Box service!

Here to deliver squeaks and smiles, our subscription boxes are sure to satisfy your pup! When you subscribe to a ZippyPaws Subscription Box, you’re signing up for a box of joy! With carefully selected toys to match your pup’s personality and playtime preferences, PAWsomeness is guaranteed. This fun new way to join the ZippyPaws family will bring your pup an extra smile every month with handpicked toys to exceed their playtime desires! It’s also a great way to enjoy all our latest toys, and with subscription length options of 1, 3, or 6 months, you can pick the subscription that fits your pup’s lifestyle!

Our February box celebrated Valentine’s Day, Chinese New Year, and the release of our new durable, rubber ZippyTuff line! Want to hear from some pups who’ve tried out our subscription boxes? READ ON!



Geronimo and Cobalt said…

“We were so incredibly thrilled when we received our first month subscription box from Zippy Paws! The boys panted in anticipation as I opened the box, because let’s be honest, most of the packages that come to the house are for them…!

Once inside I found a very thoughtful note welcoming us, and the cutest toys that felt personalized for my two pups! Geronimo’s favorite was the burrow mail box with squeaky letters inside! Cobalt’s was the ultra-soft plush green frog. Oh and can’t forget the Year of the Dog plush dog toy! ZippyPaws is always surprising us with more adorable and relevant dog toys, again and again. There were plenty of toys in the box for both pups to share and I can’t wait for next months!!”



Goose and Seamus said…

“The ZippyPaws February Subscription box was awesome! The box itself was beautiful and the handwritten note was such a nice touch. I loved that the themes of the toys were current and it was great to receive a mix of soft and hard toys!  My dogs loved all of the toys in the box. They were all so cute and well-made!”



Nimbus said…

“I love the mailbox, it is literally the cutest thing ever…he loves the letters and likes to carry those around because they are small and fit easily in his mouth. Your toys are so high quality and well made, I need not ever worry that seams are going to rip and stuffing or squeakers come out.

Also, I’ve washed these toys and they do well on gentle cycle and air dry if they get especially dirty. The ball is fun to throw for him and I love the vibrant color, and all the varying ridges and bumps on it- I think it’s soothing for his mouth to gnaw on it, he’s always been a chewer. I think the ball would be great for a puppy to use!”

 Maya and Willow said…

“We have been huge fans of ZippyPaws for years and when we found out they created a monthly subscription box, we could’t be happier!  Receiving a monthly box with personalized toys takes the hassle out of going to find them myself.  My Border Collies LOVE their ZippyPaws toys and this box is perfect for them!”

Charlie and Brix said…

“Charlie went nuts trying to open it. She actually figured it out lol! The box itself is super cute! I love it. Brix went straight for the green frog. He kept squeaking it while Charlie explored the rest of the box. Charlie just had to play fetch with every single toy. The pink mailbox was her first choice. The blue squeaky ball seems to be her new favorite toy. She carries it around all day! I love that it’s durable, lightweight, has good grip AND squeaks. I’m guessing that’s why Charlie loves it too. These toys are right up our alley!”




Do you want to get in on these ZippyPaws boxes of joy? Sign up HERE!

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