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Indoor Exercises For Your Dog

Natasha from ZippyPaws |

With the bitter cold weather that has been gripping America in the past few weeks – polar vortexes in the East and Midwest states, snowfall in California and Hawaii (like, what?!) and snowstorms in various states all across the US, the series of powerful winds which brought the Arctic air from Alaska to all over America have been causing a lot of havoc and inconveniences for many. Including our dogs.

During this time, outdoor walks and exercise can be very challenging and unsafe for you and your dogs. However, this does not mean that you have to cut back on your dog’s regular exercises.

No matter how extreme the weather, there are creative ways to keep your pup physically active without having to be outside!

After all, regular exercise can help reduce destructive behaviors and are extremely beneficial for their mental health. Our solution? Indoor exercises! Indoor exercises are a great way to keep your dogs physically active and mentally-stimulated during this freezing Winter season.

With that said, we’ve rounded up five of our favorite indoor activities that you and your dog can enjoy while at home!

Tug of War

Playing tug of war is both physically-challenging and fun for your dog! Besides, you don’t need a lot of room to play tug, so it’s an easy exercise that you can start anytime and anywhere in the house.

However, it’s also important to keep in mind the safety risk associated with tug of wars, so it’s crucial that you invest in high-quality and durable tug toys which are long-lasting and safe for your dog.

Having the right tug toys will bring the best tug experience for your dogs. Luckily, we have what you need for a fun and memorable tug war with your little one. Our Monkey Ropetugz are perfect tug toys for those pups who love to tug to their heart’s content! These colorful Monkeys are made with the same durable rope that we used to make our Climber’s Rope Leashes, so they are extremely durable and can withstand hours of tugging and playing.

Trick Training

You can kill two birds with one stone by teaching your dog new tricks AND getting them to exercise! Whether it’s a simple trick like sit and stay, or complex ones like spin and roll over, teaching your dog new tricks is a great way to offer your dog some mental stimulation indoors! And when you’re done, you can brag about your dog’s cool new tricks to your friends and family or on social media.

Tori gave some cool tips on how to teach your dog a cute kiss trick so you can get your photo game to the next level!


Check out her blog post here! And if you have a dog toys basket at home, another useful trick that you could teach your dog is to clean up after their own toys! Yup, major life hack! 😉

Indoor Obstacles and Agility Training

You can also turn your living room into an adventurous playground by creating indoor obstacles for your dog! Depending on the size of your room and the space available for playing, you can set up various different obstacles for the two of you to exercise at home.

Training tunnels and weave poles are known to be great indoor obstacles that you can easily set up at home to train agility skills for your dog.

You can purchase training tunnels and weave poles online, or build your own indoor obstacles using furniture and equipment that you already own at home. For instance, you can set up training tunnels by aligning chairs or small tables in a row and covering them with blankets or bed sheet covers, or you can construct a weaving obstacle by placing various furniture, appliances, or even your dog supplies (like your dog toys basket, dog bowls, dog food container, etc) in a diagonal position and teach your dog to pass through them!

Watch @pino.the.corgi as he navigates through various, challenging obstacles built from bottles below!

Interactive Toys and Fetch

Did you know that our interactive Burrows also make the perfect toys and props for indoor exercises? That’s right! Dogs love to bury their noses into our Burrows to dig out the three adorable Miniz that they come with, and they will certainly beg for you to put the Miniz back inside again and again. For absolute fun, make sure to always supervise your dog during their interactive playtime!

Our interactive Burrows are great not only because they can keep dogs entertained for hours, but also because they allow dogs to practice their motor and coordination skills, as well as improve their problem-solving abilities!

With over 30 different designs to choose from, there’s a perfect one for every single pup. Plus, our Burrows offer limitless possibilities for fun! From digging and fetch to hide-and-seek and cuddles, there are so many, creative ways that our interactive toys could be utilized for.

Photo credit: @sailordoodle/IG

Host a Doggy Playdate at Home!

Another easy way to keep your dog busy and active indoors is by hosting a doggy playdate at home! Dogs are highly sociable animals, so they will definitely appreciate the presence of other dogs around to play and mingle with. Prepare a play space that’s free of obstacles or valuable things and invite your friends over for hours of fun!

Last but not least, have fun and enjoy getting to spend some extra time with your dogs!

We hope that you enjoyed this list and learned new ways to keep your dog active while indoors! Remember, a tired dog is a happy dog. 😊

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