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Happy National Change a Pet’s Life Day!

Natasha Sutedja |

We celebrate National Change a Pet’s Life Day on January 24th and on this special day, we want to encourage everyone to make a difference in a pet’s life.

Throughout the years, we’ve met with people from all over the world who’ve shared stories of how their dogs changed their lives and brightened their dark days. We’ve read stories and watched videos of inspiring and brave dogs who saved many, both physically and mentally. We’ve seen the heartwarming affects dogs have on people – the joy that they bring, their silly antics that get us laughing, the unconditional love that they offer, and their ability to connect people. As fellow dog owners ourselves, we couldn’t imagine life without our dogs by our sides.

Unfortunately, not all dogs have the luxury of living under a roof, having something to eat and drink, playing with toys or even experiencing love.


Some dogs were abandoned by the people that they love and trust. Others had to go through painful and traumatic moments, while some were tangled in tragedies and disasters.

Today, we’re hoping we can come together and make a change in a pet’s life for the better. Whether through a simple act of kindness for your dog back home, raising the awareness for shelters and adoptable dogs or by giving a rescued dog a new chance at life through a donation (or even adoption!), there are so many ways to make a dog’s day!

Since ZippyPaws started in 2011, we’ve always looked for ways to help our local animal shelters and rescues, as well as support organizations that work tirelessly to help the dogs in need. Today, we’re taking the time to reflect and look back on some highlights from our charity and philanthropy efforts in 2018 that helped make a difference in some dogs’ lives – in hopes that our past efforts would inspire others to take similar actions and contribute meaningful changes. (Hurricane Florence)

Hurricane Florence struck the Carolinas in September 2018, causing heavy floods and damages to houses and buildings. Many animals were displaced from their homes and some were left in shelters and rescues as owners evacuated the city. Amidst the storm and chaos, though, several amazing shelters, rescues and their team of volunteers still worked relentlessly to protect the animals affected by the hurricane. These amazing organizations provided plenty of food, water, shelter, and supplies – even without power, internet and/or phones and despite the damages to their buildings from the storm.

When we heard that they were in urgent need of pet supplies and enrichment toys for the animals, we didn’t even think twice and jumped right into the action.

With the help of, the wonderful organization dedicated to protecting the people, pets, and planet, we reached out to various shelters and rescues across the Carolinas to provide them with our aid through the form of enrichment toys.

“[These shelters] were the only resources the entire county had for animal-related needs. While we were being inundated by animals displaced from the storm, the ZippyPaws toys helped greatly with their enrichment while in a new, unfamiliar environment,”’s Director of Shelter Outreach and Donation Programs, Melissa Vecera said.


One of the shelters we donated to was Saving Grace Animals for Adoption in North Carolina, who took in a total of 124 dogs from animal shelters all around the county and those that escaped from their homes.

Hear their amazing story in the video below!



Mission K9 Rescue

Last year, we started working with our first philanthropic partner, Mission K9 Rescue, a nonprofit committed to rescuing, reuniting, re-homing, rehabilitating, and repairing retired military working dogs to bring you our very first Philanthropy toy: Camron the Camo Gator.

For every Camron toy sold, $1 is donated to support Mission K9 Rescue as they continue to dedicate themselves to servicing the nation’s retired and retiring working dogs.

On December 2018, we donated a total of $32,898 to Mission K9 Rescue, which will be used to transport up to 10 retired working dogs back home and provide them with the necessary vet care and rehabilitation.


“Your donation will be used to provide transport home from abroad for up to 10 working dogs and the remainder will be use for the dogs vet care and rehabilitation,” said Bob Bryant, co-founder of Mission K9 Rescue.



“There is a huge workforce of service dogs worldwide. At any given time, there are dogs that need to come home but can’t because they are hindered in one way or another. Complications can arise from age, health, or even finances and often make it harder for the dogs to be transported. Mission K9 raises awareness by growing a worldwide network of supporters in an effort to bring these dogs home.”


Taking It To The Streets with Lori and Shira

Another wonderful organization that we work closely with is Taking It To The Streets with Lori and Shira. A nonprofit that started out as the mother and daughter drove around Riverside, CA to provide water, snacks, and dog treats to the homeless people and their pets. Now, they have also expanded their operations to provide spay & neuter surgery, vaccinations, microchips and county licenses for these street pets!

To support their mission and help our local street pets, we have donated thousands of toys, accessories, collars, leashes and adventure gears throughout the year to be distributed among the homeless pets.

Here are some pictures from our Holiday toys and accessories donation in December 2018. We’re so grateful for being able to bring Christmas to these beautiful pups! You can view more photos on their Facebook page too!




These were just some of the highlights of our philanthropy efforts in 2018.

There were many other nonprofits, local shelters, and rescues that we donated to in the past year that we hope will bring meaningful changes to many dogs’ lives… And all these efforts were possible thanks to YOU!

Your belief and support in our company have made it possible for us to do what we can for our community and the animals in need.

And we don’t plan on stopping! In 2019, we hope to give back even more, because we believe that these amazing dogs deserve so much more.

Thank you and Happy National Change a Pet’s Life Day! Please help spread the word by liking, commenting or sharing this post.

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